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Established in 1985, HLSP (Institute for Health Sector Development) is an international consultancy working to improve world health. With offices world-wide and over 100 senior, technical and administrative staff, HLSP has extensive international experience of providing technical assistance and managing complex projects. At any one time, HLSP is working in around 30 countries, and has experience in over 100 countries. It works to improve the design and delivery of health services.

HLSP is a member of the Mott MacDonald Group, a world-wide consultancy firm with specialists in education, water, sanitation, infrastructure and the environment operating from an extensive network of offices. This partnership enables HLSP to bring multi-sector and multi-national teams to its projects. 

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Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health ( LATH )


LATH - The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine ( LSTM ) established Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health (LATH) in 1986, as an independent company to help it respond more effectively and efficiently to the increasing demand for international development assistance. As LSTM's consulting arm, LATH is a gateway to internationally recognised research, channelling this expertise into influencing policy and transforming practice. LATH 's unique partnership with LSTM is fundamental to our work. Together we aim to deliver sustainable improvements to health systems in developing countries. Our work directly contributes to meeting the Millennium Development Goals ( MDG s) for reducing poverty and inequalities in the developing world. This includes reversing the spread of endemic diseases, cutting infant mortality and improving maternal health.

LATH transfers its financial surplus annually to the LSTM through a tax-free covenant, which is invested in further developing LSTM 's pioneering work in tropical medicine and international health.

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Malaria Consortium


Malaria Consortium is an organisation dedicated to improving delivery of prevention and treatment to combat malaria and other communicable diseases in Africa and Asia.

We work with:

  • communities,
  • health systems,
  • government and non-government agencies,
  • academic institutions and
  • local and international organisations,

to ensure good evidence supports delivery of effective services.

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Oxford Policy Management


OPM was established in 1996 as an independent research-based consultancy, having previously been part of the University of Oxford. It has aims to provide an independent approach, rigour and informed analysis together with the ability to provide practical assistance in solving clients' problems.

It provides analysis, advice and support in the design and implementation of economic and social development policies primarily in poor and middle income countries.  It aims to strengthen the public institutions in charge of those policies and, through them, to contribute to improved economic and social outcomes.

OPM has a core group of full-time staff and Associates and a back office administration team to support project management.

From its original focus on sub-Saharan Africa, over the years OPM has progressively expanded its geographic reach to include South Asia and more recently the Caribbean and Latin America, Central Asia, East and South East Asia, East Europe and the Former Soviet Union, the Middle East and the South Caucasus.

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