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The University of Southampton has a number of Global Health opportunities available for students. These are broadly divided into the following themes: volunteering, student electiveseducation and academic activities.



If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved in Global Health related committees there are numerous options. This ranges from teaching about health care in Madagascar, teaching first aid in local schools, or helping diasvantaged children on a week long residential trip in England.

Every year Medsin Southampton organises a Projects Evening where all of these organisations come together and give you the opportunity to talk to them about their events. If you would like more information email: medsin@soton.ac.uk

Fourth Year Projects : If you are a 4th year medical student, then another way of becoming involved is to carry out a 4th year project in another country. One example of these is work carried out by a student in Ghana linked to anaesthetics. The project related to the project Lifebox and it has been written up as a blog

An organisation called AMECA has also done work to collate hospitals which might be suitable for electives. 


Students in Health Partnerships Toolkit 

Students in Health Partnership Toolkit has been put together by the Tropical Health Education Trust and Students for Global Health. It has been written for those co-ordinating a health partnership with a focus on the student. 


Medical Student Electives 

A medical students considering an elective abroad is advised to discuss this with the lead for student electives. There may be local partnerships that can offer a good placement experience. 

For examples of national organisations that provide placement opportunities abroad, visit the section on Working Abroad/Organisations involved/Advice and placements. The following are examples of ones that provide particular assistance for medical student electives. 

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

The Electives Network

  • The Electives Network is an organisation that helps medical students find hospitals and clinics where they can go to for an elective.  

Work the World 

  • Work the World offers tailored electives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You choose the destination and the departments you’re interested in, and the organiseation works with its partner hospitals to build the healthcare placement.




Global Health Module : This module is run on the Highfield site of the University and attracts 15 CATS points. It is designed to answer questions such as how prepared are we for the impact of infectious diseases that spread quickly round the world; how should we globally manage the health risks that occur in today's society and lead to chronic diseases?

The module is an opportunity to study situations, such as the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico in 2009 that quickly spread around the world, and risk factors, such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles, that lead to chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. Students review the varied global impacts of these diseases and be asked to provide and discuss policies and other activity that could address them.

Global Health Special Study Unit - this is run by the Faculty of Medicine for students as part of their course and interested students can apply for this unit. 

Medsin, Southampton : There are a number of speaker events and conferences held throughout the year that are open to anyone in any year group. In the past medsin has held talks from the President of the World Public Health Nutrition Association, a doctor who was kidnapped whilst working in Liberia and a surgeon who worked for MSF.

To find out more information about upcoming events email: medsin@soton.ac.uk 


Academic Activities

Medsin Southampton is currently hoping to create a number of educational links with medical professionals that are currently working abroad. These links will hopefully enable students to engage in some of the following activities:

  • A more structured, ethical elective
  • Research projects in the 'study in depth' year of the BM5 programme, hopefully with the opportunity to go abroad.
  • A placement in the Final Year SSU period.


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