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International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)

IUHPE is a unique worldwide, independent and professional association committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people through education, community action and the development of healthy public policy. 


World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA)

WPHNA is the voice of public health nutrition as taught and practiced worldwide. 



The British and Irish Orthoptic Society provides information aimed primarily at UK issues. There is an International Orthoptic Association, whose main interest is promoting the science of orthoptics worldwide. 


Palliative Care 

Caerdeas International Palliative Care Trust is is a Scottish-based charity which works in partnership with national and international individuals and organisations using a health systems approach to promote and faciliate the provision of high quality palliative care in resource limited settings.

It works to promote and facilitate access to palliative care for those in the greatest need in various developing countries regardless of background. It works to achieve this through education, advocacy, mentorship and research. 



The Royal Pharmacutical Society has had a longstanding interest in the International Pharmaceutical Federation and is a member. 


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