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Refugees and Wessex 

Across Wessex there small numbers of migrants and asylum seekers. Many have had harrowing experiences in their country of origin and on their travel to this country. They are vulnerable and they continue to have a high level of mental stress that is aggravated by the unwelcome environment created by the Home Office. The disruption in their lives also disrupts preventive programmes e.g. immunisation and the management of long term conditions. 

Hampshire hosts refugees predominantly from Syria, for which national arrangements have been agreed. Southampton and Portsmouth are centres where asylum seekers are placed pending decisions about their claims, Portsmouth being in receipt of children that may be unaccompanied. Refugees are also present in Bournemouth in smaller numbers. 


Forced Migration Network 

The Wessex Global Health Network (WGHN) is hosted by the University of Winchester. The University is the South's first University of Sanctuary and is a member of the Council for At Risk Academics (CARA). 

The WGHN is a member of the University's Forced Migration Network - a group of University of Winchester staff and practitioners involved in knowledge exchange, teaching, outreach and support relating to asylum seekers and refugees. 

To find out more about the Forced Migration Network, contact Terri Sandison at terri.sandison@winchester.ac.uk.


Refugee Health Group 

The Refugee Health Group is a group of interested people from the Wessex Global Health Network (WGHN) concerned about addressing the health needs of this vulnerable population.These were known to be particular challenge in Southampton and Portsmouth and would benefit from a formal health needs assessment. 


Health Needs Assessment 

With the aid of a small steering group, a Senior Public Health Trainee, Rebecca Wilkinson, carried out Health Needs Assessment for Asylum Seekers and Other Vulnerable Migrants in those two cities in 2019. The work involved consultation with over 40 stakeholders and 4 focus groups with asylum seekers. 

Executive Summary : Follow this link to read the Executive Summary

Full version : Follow this link to read the Full Version 


Resource Directory 

The Refugee Health Group has compiled a resource directory of information relevant to refugee health, which may be of use to anyone involved with refugees and asylum seekers. 

Follow this link to access the directory. 




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