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Learning about Global Health

(This page provides some guidance for those wanting to learn more about global health. It will be developed further over the coming months.) 

Academic courses




Public Health


Local courses, talks and lectures 


Academic Courses

General :Some of the academic courses on global health can be found through the links identified in academic section under the heading Staff Groups of this website. 

Global Health Module : This module is run on the Highfield site of the University and attracts 15 CATS points. It is designed to answer questions such as how prepared are we for the impact of infectious diseases that spread quickly round the world; how should we globally manage the health risks that occur in today's society and lead to chronic diseases?

The module is an opportunity to study situations, such as the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico in 2009 that quickly spread around the world, and risk factors, such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles, that lead to chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. Students review the varied global impacts of these diseases and be asked to provide and discuss policies and other activity that could address them.

Medical Students, Southampton : Medical students in Southampton are able to undertake a Global Health Module run by the Faculty of Medicine.

Public Health : The Public Health Courses Guide, prepared by the Wessex School of Public Health, provides information about Postgraduate Public Health courses available in universities that are accessible from Wessex and links to their websites. 

The content of each module has been mapped against the knowledge and competencies of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework (launched April 2008), for levels 5, 6, and 7.

Public Health : The People's Open Access Education Initiative, People's Uni, provides Public Health education for those working in low- to middle-income countries who would otherwise not be able to access such education, via Internet based e-learning. Based in Manchester, it uses the knowledge and skills offered by specialists in public health to construct and run distance learning courses for people in resource poor settings. 





The Royal Society of Medicine : RSM Global Health offers breakfast talks, podcasts and a variety of other ways of learning and keeping up to date with global health. 

The Lancet : The Lancet publishes free podcasts, some of which are very relevant to working abroad and global health. 

The Lancet has also launched an open-access Global Health Journal. It is a non-paywall journal, that is open to all. It does not require registration or fees to access. The articles are open-access and published under various Creative Commons licenses, selected by the respective authors.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine : The LSHTM has podcasts on a variety of subjects relevant to working in resource poor settings. 


Specific Topics



There is a wide range of information available. FutureLearn provides a wide range of courses and has produced a short online course "Tackling the Novel Coronavirus". 


The University of Southampton e-learning course on nutrition is suitable both for people going to work in a resource poor setting from the UK and for local staff abroad. 

Public Health

eLearning materials relevant to the different dimensions of public health have been collated using a Population Health Care Model as a conceptual framework for understanding public health. The resources identified can be mapped to the public health curriculum constructed by the Faculty of Public Health for specialist training.

This has been put together by the Wessex School of Public Health and the University of Southampton.

Various topics

Global Health with Greg Martin offers a variety of on line videos an podcasts covering topics that include Finding a Job in Global Health, How to Write a Grant Application, How to Raise Money in Global Health, Ethics, Eplidemiology, Global Health Facts.


Local Courses

The influence of culture on learning and the performance of doctors

Health Education England, Wessex, runs training courses for those involved in training for doctors. The influence of culture on behaviour is as relevant abroad as it is locally. Further information can be found from The Courses Centre in Wessex. 




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