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Effecting Change

Another section of the website identifies what works to improve people's health. However, we need to know more than this if we want something to happen. We need skills to work with people and systems in order to bring about change. If we want this to be sustainable, then we need to inspire others and enable them to have the skills to do the job themselves. 


Leadership Development in Thames Valley and Wessex

Improving Global Health through Leadership Development

The Thames Valley and Wessex "Improving Global Health through Leadership Development" programme is designed to help individuals develop leadership skills through placements with partners in resource poor countries. The programme provides two days of induction for Fellows appointed, some financial support, ongoing support from a mentor. Fellows are required to put together an educational plan and they make a short presentation of their work on return. Funding now allows people from outside Thames Valley and Wessex to apply. Further information about recruitment rounds is available from the Improving Global Health through Leadership Development Website


Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy

Anyone wanting to find out more about what is available locally to develop leadership skills more generally should contact the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy


Leadership Programmes

These include

Mary Seacole programme

Elizabeth Garret Anderson programme

Nye Bevan programme 

Nursing and Midwifery Frontline Leadership Programme


On-Line Leadership Courses

There are many may be useful to those wanting to learn more might find the following NHS courses of interest 

Edward Jenner Leadership Development

Principles of Project Management




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