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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

Although the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has an interest in international work, ADAPT is the clinical interest group in International Health and Development.recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

It supports members and facilitates information exchange in order to contribute to the development of effective physiotherapy services world-wide in a manner that promotes an understanding of global healthcare and development issues and which is socio-economically and culturally appropriate. 


MAITS - Multi-agency International Training and Support 

MAITS exists to empower educational and health professionals to enhance and developt the services they provide to people with disabilities in resource-poor settings through sharing knowledge and good practice.– people mainly working with children with cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and autism, as well as some within the mental health sector and working with stroke.

It does this by drawing on the expertise and knowledge of UK professionals to assist in the development and delivery of training packages in collaboration with local experts. It also supports people to draw on expertise that already exists within their own country or region. It prioritises organisations that not only provide services but are also training institutes themselves.

SOURCE - International Information Support Centre

SOURCE is an international on line information centre on disability and inclusion. It is designed to strengthen the management, use and impact of information on ity and inclusion in development and humanitairan contexts. It offers free regular update through a quarterly e-mail bulletin . 

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