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                                        Sustainable Development Goals


The Institute 

University of Winchester and the Sustainable Development Goals 

Our Vision

Sustainability and Social Justice are core values that underpin all that we do and provide the bedrock of our vision for the University. We have a strong desire that our ideals translate into impact in the world and this is why we have aligned our Strategic Vision to co-incide with the target date for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Institute 

The purpose of the Institute is to bring together the many strands of activity taking place around the University and provide a focus and coherent narrative about our work and the SDGs.  

What the Institute does 

Click on the SDG of your choice to learn more about the work we are doing. 


 Sdg 1             Sdg2      Etc

SDG 1 : No Poverty       SDG 2 : Zero Hunger


(For each SDG provide the same structure of information (see example of SDG 1)) 


Our connections with other universities in the UK and across the world 


Sustainability Exchange (hosted by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) 

SDG Accord : The University and College Sector's Collective Response to the Global Goals 

Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education Students and Leaders

Global University Network for Innovation (The GUNi Group of Experts on SDGs and Higher Education)  

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network 













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