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Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care, as defined at the Alma-Ata conference, called for a revolutionary redefinition of health care. Instead of the traditional "from-the-top-down" approach to medical service, it embraced the principles of social justice, equity, self-reliance, appropriate technology, decentralization, community involvement, intersectoral collaboration, and affordable cost.

The Alma-Ata Declaration on PHC envisaged a minimum package of eight elements:

  • education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them;
  • promotion of food supply and proper nutrition
  • an adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation
  • maternal and child health, including family planning
  • immunization against the major infectious diseases
  • prevention and control of locally endemic diseases
  • appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries
  • provision of essential drugs.

Where appropriate, the employment of lay health workers from the community should be trained to tackle specific tasks, including education, and to provide first-level care, with appropriate referrals to secondary and tertiary health facilities


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