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Support for health care in developing countries has been provided for many years. It will save time for anyone working in one of these countries if they are aware of all the work that has already been done to address the issues that they will also be facing. 

The types of resource available here have been grouped as follows 

  • Policy Context : Information about international, national and local policies that have been developed around work abroad.
  • Health Problems/Interventions : Evidence based interventions and guidelines for common conditions abroad and interventions relevant to the Millenium Development Goals. 
  • Effecting Change : A great deal is known about what interventions work. One of the challenges is about putting this into everyday pracitce. This section looks at some of the leadership skills needed to do this. 
  • Country Information : Information about health in some of the countries with which Wessex is associated.
  • Climate Change : Basic facts about climate change, the organisations developing policy and what needs to be done.
  • Learning about Global Health : This section is designed to provide some guidance for those wanting to learn more about global health. 
  • Capacity Building (Education and Training for people abroad) : This provides Information about organisations providing support for education and training for people in low and middle income countries.
  • Refugee Health : This provides information about Refugee Health in Wessex and a Health Needs Assessment for Asylum Seekers and Other Vulnerable Migrants in Southampton and Portsmouth, November, 2019. 












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