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The G.A.S. Partnership

The G.A.S. Partnership is a linkage between a government agency, an NGO and an NHS trust, launched in May 2010. The purpose is to improve healthcare provision in the Upper East Region of Ghana, primarily through strengthening manpower and promoting skill-sharing, to make a lasting and sustainable impact.

The partners are

The Partnership has five specialty areas of focus - diagnostics, child health, maternal health, theatres and anaesthetics, and estates planning and facilities management. Each specialty carries out enhanced training for Ghanaian staff in Ghana and the UK , training of trainers, development of specialist courses, continuous professional development programmes for current practitioners, e-learning support, and joint service reviews.


Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Ghana

The Kintampo Project- Training for Medical Assistants Psychiatry and Community Mental Health Officers, College of Health, Kintampo, Ghana

Ghana has a severe shortage of mental health staff. 

The UK has

    • about 1 psychiatrist per 10,000 people but in Ghana the ratio is only 1 psychiatrist per 5 million.
    • 1 psychiatric nurse per 1000 people but in Ghana the ratio is only 1 per 50,000. 

Doctors who qualify in Ghana tend not to want to become psychiatrists. Psychiatric nurses tend to either work in the 3 large mental hospitals in Ghana, move into general nursing or leave to work abroad. There are very few mental health staff available for the community. This shortage of mental health workers is a serious problem. 

To address the shortage, The College of Health, Kintampo is now training 2 new cadres -

    • Medical Assistants Psychiatry
    • Community Mental Health Officers. 

Medical Assistants work under the supervision of a doctor. They have skills similar to a UK GP (primary care doctor). They oversee sub-district and rural services, providing education, primary prevention plus diagnosing and treating patients (including prescribing). It is hoped that the new high school entrant stream will help to reduce the 'brain-drain'.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust provides support for the development of the curriculum and in delivering the programme. 


Wessex Ghana Stroke Partnership

The Wessex Ghana Stroke Partnership was set up in 2008 and is a collaboration between health professionals in Wessex and Korle Bu teaching hospital in Ghana. The long term goal is for a dedicated, specialised stroke unit to be established at Korle Bu Hospital. The current focus is supporting the multidisciplinary team at Korle Bu in developing their knowledge and skills.


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