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Report of 2013 Conference of International Society for Evidence Based Health Care

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This is a summary of the proceeedings of the International Society for Evidence Based Health Care conference in 2013. 

As the sustainability of public health services is a global challenge, the aim of the Conference is to promote a global evidence-based approach to healthcare, education and research.

Evidence-based Health Care can help health professionals, decision makers and policy makers through "Evidence, Governance, Performance".

Evidence : Producing and using high-quality and trustworthy evidence: primary research, systematic reviews.

Governance : Implementing the systemic approach to clinical governance to delivery an evidence-based, high-value, cost-conscious health care, integrating evidence-based practice, clinical guidelines, care pathways, clinical audit, risk management, continuing medical education, health technology assessment, etc.

Performance : Measuring the performance of health care: safety, efficacy, appropriateness, consumer involvement, equity, accessibility, efficiency, productivity.

More information about the proceedings of the conference. 

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