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Chatham House event on Central African Republic - A Country in Hiding

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This is a recording of an event held by Chatham House on 7th November, 2013.

Following the overthrow of its President François Bozizé by the rebel group Séléka in January, the Central African Republic (CAR) has plunged into violence and uncertainty. Over 200,000 people are classified as internally displaced by the UN, 60,000 more have fled to neighbouring countries and 1.6 million are in need of urgent assistance. The humanitarian situation has been labelled as desperate.

A team from Channel 4’s Unreported World showed clips from their film, which follows medical professionals assisting the fleeing population – in particular, expectant mothers. The panel will discuss the human impact of this conflict, assess its regional dimensions and ask what – if any – peace building opportunities exist. Against this backdrop, the panellists will explore why CAR continues to be largely overlooked by the international community.

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