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The Network began in February, 2014, and was supported with funding from Health Education Wessex. At the beginning of 2017, it became part of the newly formed Centre for Global Health at the University of Winchester. 

Its purpose is to foster interest in, understanding of and involvement in global health. It does this mainly through its Newsletter and Website.

The Newsletter is sent out regularly to those who sign up to receive it and it includes information about 

  • News from Wessex
  • A feature article
  • Events (Wessex, national and international)
  • News about global health
  • Educational materials around global health
  • Research
  • Jobs in global health

The Website provides information about 

  • Wessex Links with institutions abroad
  • Organisations that work abroad
  • Opportunities and guidance for people who wish to work abroad
  • Sources of evidence and guidelines about effective interventions to improve health
  • A calendar of local, national and international activities, conferences and events related to global health 

It also promotes

  • local educational activities around global health
  • opportunities for networking around special interests related to global health

To receive the Newsleter and keep up to date and connected simply - sign up here.

To leave the Network, use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mails you receive.

If you want to contact us then e-mail john.acres@winchester.ac.uk. 


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